Dog bite to girl’s face brings about surgery in Florida

A young girl in Florida was attacked by a dog; the bites to her face were so damaging that she had to have surgery to have them repaired. The reconstructive surgery lasted for seven hours. Only after she got out of the surgery was the girl able to see what had happened to her face.

Her father spoke about her, saying that she was doing better all of the time. He noted that she was very strong.

The doctors who spoke about her injuries ranked the bite as one of the worst ones they had ever come across. One doctor placed it in the top 10. However, the girl did not even seem phased by it after seeing her face, returning to playing after being reassured that she was still beautiful.

Doctors did note that the type of dog that attacked her, a Chocolate Lab, was incredibly rare. One of the doctors who had experience with hundreds of different dog bite cases said that more typical dogs to be involved in these cases are German Shepherds, Rottweilers or Doberman Pinschers, but not Chocolate Labs.

The family said that they do not want the dog to be put up for adoption, but they think it should be put down. The animal is owned by one of their friends, but they still want to see it eliminated. At the time when that statement was given, the authorities were holding the dog and testing it to make sure that it did not have rabies.

After a dog bite, particularly one that was not provoked in any way, the owners of the dog may be responsible when it comes to the costs of the medical bills. Anyone who has been bitten should know where the blame lies and where the monetary responsibility should be placed.

Source: WTSP, “Girl sees face for first time following dog attack” Mark Rivera, Apr. 28, 2014