Construction collapse leaves injured behind in Florida

Construction workers were doing a job on a home on Spanish River Road in Boca Raton, when there was a dangerous structural collapse. The accident was triggered when some of the workers began to pour out fresh concrete. They were on the second floor of the residence. As they were working, part of the structure broke and collapsed, and without the support, everything fell down onto the lower stories.

The workers were covered in wood and other materials in the collapse. Those who saw the accident reported hearing a huge crashing sound and then seeing workers who were trapped in the aftermath.

According to Boca Raton Fire-Rescue, one of the workers was in critical condition when he was taken to the hospital. They suspected that he had internal injuries from being crushed and that he had broken bones as well. Two other workers were injured in the accident. One worker had serious injuries, leading to a trip to the hospital, and another had minor injuries that could be treated on the spot.

The emergency response teams indicated that the issue was that the weight was too much to be supported by the 2×4 beams, which broke. The wet concrete was combined with heavy steel, which was used to reinforce it.

Very serious injuries can come about as the result of construction accidents, many of which take place so quickly that there is very little that workers can do to get out of the way. When they are hurt on the job, they have a right to workers’ compensation, which may cover their medical bills and lost wages.

SourceCBS, “Collapse at construction scene investigated by officials” Chuck Webber, Apr. 22, 2014