Palm Beach fatal construction accident still under investigation

The Palm Beach Police Department has yet to conclude their investigation into the accident that claimed the life of a 68-year-old West Palm Beach man last month.

A police sergeant stated that the delay is due to not yet receiving a medical examiner’s report. The fatal construction accident involved a crane weighing 40 tons, which struck a pedestrian as he crossed South County Road from the east at the corner of Royal Palm Way.

The crane operator was making a turn south onto South County Way from the Royal Palm Way approach and was unaware that he had hit the man. He continued southbound after the impact to a Jungle Road construction site.

The Palm Beach Town Manager spoke at a recent Town Council meeting and stated that the responsibility for painting crosswalks on County Road lies with the Florida Department of Transportation. Officials with the town had requested that the DOT repaint the crosswalks prior to the fatal accident, but it had failed to do so.

Upon receipt of the medical examiner’s report, the police will conclude their investigation into the man’s death.

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SourcePalm Beach Daily News, “Police still investigating fatal crane accident” Michele Dargan, Apr. 10, 2014