Florida fair ride operators distracted by cellphone use

The fair coming to town is something that many people look forward to. They have the expectation that the rides have been put up properly and that the ride operators have been completely trained about how to operate the equipment. What many people don’t expect is that these ride operators might become engrossed in their cellphones and neglect the safety of the passengers on the ride.

A look at some of the fairs in Florida reveals that some employees at every fair use their cellphones when they should be working a ride. Wade Shows, Swyear Amusements and James E. Strates Shows all prohibit cellphone use while ride operators are working with the rides. If not enforced, rides enjoyed by children and adults won’t have the proper safety protocol in action.

Employers are taking action to help stop this disturbing trend. Wade Shows has announced that signs will be installed outside of the rides to encourage guests to report ride operators who are distracted.

There is no reason why someone enjoying time at the fair should be worried about ride operators putting the riders’ lives in danger. Instead, these companies should have policies and procedures to remedy the problem.

Anyone who feels they have been injured due to a premises liability issue might have the right to seek compensation. Hazardous conditions caused by distracted ride operators or any number of other issues can’t be left unchecked. Filing a claim for expenses and other damages due to needed medical care might lessen the financial burden of the accident.

SourceClick Orlando, “Fair workers texting while operating rides” Mike DeForest, Apr. 08, 2014