Florida accident injures multiple people and kills 1 in daycare

Car accidents can happen suddenly, and when they do, you probably expect the person who hit you to stop and help. You might have heard about this car accident in the news, because that’s not what happened at first; In Florida, a man allegedly caused a crash that resulted in a daycare being hit in a chain-reaction crash. Because of the accident, a 4-year-old child was killed and over a dozen others were injured. He left the scene, according to the news, but now he’s come back and done the right thing.

According to the story from April 10, the man allegedly fled the scene after he hit a vehicle that then went through a daycare center. He turned himself in to police at the Orange County jail after reports of personal injuries were in the news. He now faces one charge for leaving the scene of an accident that caused serious bodily injuries or death.

The police believe that it was the public pressure that caused the man to turn himself in. A Florida Highway Patrol major said that she believed he listened to the public and did the right thing by returning to turn himself in to the police, according to her quote outside the patrol’s headquarters. The news has claimed that prior to this event, the man had been in trouble before with police.

The man who turned himself in has allegedly been arrested for drug use before this accident, although it hasn’t been listed as a cause. He has also allegedly spent time in prison and been arrested for a hit-and-run in December 2013. For those charges, he’ll be heading to court in May 2014, but now he may have to face additional court time for the accident that caused injuries to multiple children and adults along with the 4-year-old’s death.

Source: EastIdahoNews.com, “Alleged Daycare Hit-and-Run Suspect Turns Himself In to Fla. Police” No author given, Apr. 10, 2014