Florida teen faces lawsuit from dog bite incident with deputy

A big responsibility of pet owners is making sure the pet is properly socialized. Another responsibility is making sure that the pet is kept under control. One Wakulla County, Florida, teen is now facing a lawsuit after her sister’s dog bit a deputy.

The incident occurred when deputies went to the house to investigate a car that was parked illegally on the road. They also wanted to determine if there was any underage drinking at the home. The dog, a pitbull, bolted from the house and bit the deputy. The teen says the deputy “startled” the dog. The deputy suffered puncture wounds on his hand, wrist and arm from the dog’s bites.

The car that was illegally parked left. The deputies didn’t find any underage drinking. Because a teenager who just turned 18 that day was the only person home at the time, she is facing a lawsuit over the deputy’s medical bills. Her mother says that the dog wasn’t the teen’s, and the home wasn’t the teen’s.

On top of the lawsuit the teenage girl is facing, she is also being asked by Wakulla County Animal Control to put the dog down. She says she doesn’t want to have to make that decision since the dog isn’t her dog.

No dog bite victim should have to pay his or her own medical bills, especially when the owner of the animal is known. Anyone who has been the victim of a dog bite might have the right to seek compensation for his or her medical bills and other related claims. Understanding Florida dog bite laws is the first step in pursuing such compensation.

Source: WTXLTV, “Wakulla County family faces lawsuit after dog bites deputy” Christina Resnack, Mar. 31, 2014