Boat, car involved in collision near St. John’s River in Florida

A truck was pulling a ski boat out of the St. John’s River in Florida, coming up the concrete boat ramp with the boat on the trailer, when it was hit by another car. This second vehicle, a Chevy Camero, was being driven by a 32-year-old woman. It is unclear why she did not stop or if she did not see the truck and the boat at all.

The crash destroyed the Camero, smashing in the roof. The woman was stuck inside, and witnesses to the accident, who ran over to the car, said that they could see that she was bleeding. The authorities were able to respond quickly, and they cut the driver out of the vehicle. She was then sent to Halifax Health Medical Center, which is located in Port Orange. To get her there in a timely manner, she was airlifted from the scene.

Another woman was in the boat as it was being towed up the ramp, and she was injured as well. The driver of the truck was not reported to be hurt, despite the fact that it was a head-on collision between the two vehicles. The person in the boat was helped by responders and then transported via ambulance to Orange City, where they were taken to the Florida Hospital Fish Memorial.

When a car accident results in injuries that require immediate medical attention, drivers need to make sure that they know all of their rights. For example, if they were innocent in the accident and they did not cause it, they have the right to medical compensation from the driver who did cause the crash.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Car smashes into truck pulling boat at DeBary boat ramp” Mike Lafferty, Apr. 06, 2014