Man falls from scaffold, dies in construction accident

A fall or other accident on the jobsite can be traumatizing to a Florida construction worker. Many witnesses watched as a worker plummeted to his death after falling from a scaffold while working on a hotel. Sadly, the man died while onlookers tried to erase the horrifying images from their minds.

The deadly construction accident unfolded on the afternoon of April 2 at the Dream Hotel in New York City. Witnesses watched as the man, who was on a scaffold, suddenly fell eight stories, or about 80 feet. He landed on an awning just above the hotel’s main entrance, his body crumpled.

Adding to the horror was the fact that witnesses were forced to see the man’s body, since authorities were investigating the accident and would not cover it up. Work on the hotel’s renovation has been halted by the Department of Buildings. The employer, Alpha General Contractor, will also receive a safety violation.

Witnesses also noted that they would often see construction workers working on tall buildings while wearing no harnesses or safety gear. This is a serious workplace safety issue that could go on the company’s record as a violation.

It is unknown if the man was using proper protection at the time of the death, but if he wasn’t, the company could face some serious legal issues. The family of the man could sue for wrongful death, since employers have a duty to protect workers. All employees must be properly trained and must have access to the equipment and gear they need to safely perform their jobs. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in this case and the company could now end up with costly fines or civil court judgments.

Source: CBS New York, “Construction Worker Killed In Fall From Scaffolding At Midtown Hotel” No author given, Apr. 02, 2014