Woman sues Outback over slip and fall injury

Many Miami residents frequent restaurants in order to enjoy a nice evening on the town without having to cook. However, patrons of restaurants and other types of businesses often subject themselves to injury accidents, which can happen at any time. Even a small amount of water on a floor can cause serious injury. A woman has filed a premises liability claim after suffering a slip and fall injury at a popular restaurant.

The West Virginia woman was a customer at Outback Steakhouse on April 25, 2013, when she fell on a slippery floor. She allegedly broke her wrist in the accident.

The woman filed a lawsuit against Outback’s parent company, Bloomin’ Brands Inc., on Feb. 28. It is unknown how much money she is seeking from the restaurant, but she is asking for punitive damages

Any sort of debris or liquid left on a floor can lead to a dangerous condition. If a customer unknowingly steps on the debris, a slip and fall can occur, causing serious injury. In this case, it lead to broken bones. In extreme cases, a fall can lead to a head injury and even result in death.

Business owners have a duty to keep the premises free of hazards. Customers should be able to patronize a business without fear of suffering an injury. If they do get injured, they may be able to file a lawsuit, as the woman did in this case. If the victim wins the lawsuit, they can receive a monetary award toward applicable damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

SourceThe West Virginia Record, “Woman files slip-and-fall suit against Outback” Whitney Brakken, Mar. 25, 2014