Child suffers serious dog bite and judge spares dog’s life

A dog mauling a young boy is concerning to most Florida residents. Most people would expect that a dog that dangerous would be euthanized. Unfortunately, that is not the case for a 4-year-old boy who was mauled by a pitbull in February. The judge overseeing the case is allowing the dog to live, shocking many people.

The Arizona boy was attacked on Feb. 20 while under the care of a babysitter. He was left with serious dog bite injuries, including a broken eye socket and jaw. He could face many surgeries over the next few years in order to heal from the damage.

The dog has a history of vicious behavior and has even killed a dog. But is the dog to blame or is the accident due to the babysitter’s negligence? The case has sparked a debate between animal advocates and those who believe a child’s life is more important.

On March 25, a judge — allowed to order euthanasia for the pitbull — made the decision to allow the dog to live, under several conditions. The dog must live in a facility for the rest of his life. He cannot be adopted and must be microchipped, defanged and neutered. The dog’s representative has 30 days to find a shelter in which he will reside.

Besides determining the fate of the dog, the courts should also decide who should be held responsible for the boy’s injuries. Should the blame be placed on the man who owned the dog or the babysitter who allowed the boy to play near the dog? The boy’s family may find it in their interest to file a claim, which will allow them to recover compensation to pay for long-term medical expenses for the boy’s rehabilitation and recovery.

Source: ABC News, “Phoenix Judge Spares Life of Dog That Mauled Child” Terry Tang and Jacques Billeaud, Associated Press, Mar. 25, 2014