Woman files premises liability suit after injury at Walmart

Not many Florida residents expect to be injured while shopping at their local Walmart. However, slips and falls can happen at any time and at any place, especially at stores, where liquids can spill and cause puddles. These can lead to slippery situations, which is what one woman experienced when she slipped and fell at a Texas Walmart.

The woman is now suing Walmart for the injuries she allegedly suffered as a result of the slip and fall. The woman claims she slipped in a puddle of water by a cash register. The premises liability suit is accusing Walmart of negligence for allowing the wet floor — a dangerous property condition — to exist. Walmart did not look out for the safety of its customers, and the result was an injury accident.

The extent of the woman’s injuries were not disclosed, but she claims she was seriously injured in the accident. She could be seeking as much as $1 million in damages.

Although Walmart stores are often busy places to shop — making it difficult to find and clean up spills quickly — employees need to focus on protecting customers and keeping them safe from potential hazards. This is the duty of every property owner, whether it be an owner of private land, a grocery store or other type of retail store.

If the woman suffered injuries due to the fall, then she has the legal right to seek compensation. Falls can cause serious injuries to the head, back, arms and legs, and these injuries can lead to costly medical bills and lengthy treatment.

SourceThe Southeast Texas Record, “Slip and fall at Wal-Mart causes lawsuit” Thomas Kallies, Mar. 20, 2014