Woman dies from profuse bleeding caused by dog bite injury

Some Florida residents have been attacked by a dog but have survived. Unfortunately, an elderly woman was not so fortunate. She was recently bitten by her daughter’s dog — which lived in the household — and bled to death. The dog was euthanized after the horrifying incident.

The attacked occurred on the evening of March 14, when the 77-year-old woman from Phoenix was giving the pit bull some meat with medicine inside. The dog, which had a history of attacking people, suddenly bit the woman in the stomach. The dog bite created a puncture mark that caused the woman to begin gushing blood.

The woman had just had surgery on that area and was taking blood thinner medications, conditions which contributed to the woman bleeding so much. Emergency crews quickly arrived to the scene to stop the bleeding, but the woman could not be saved. She later died at a local hospital.

Unfortunately, dog bites and attacks can often result in fatal injuries. According to Florida law, there is no “one free bite.” The owner is responsible for injuries or death caused by their dog. Because the dog belonged to the family, though, a lawsuit is highly unlikely in this case. However, if the dog had belonged to someone else, the woman’s family could file a wrongful death suit in order to receive compensation. That compensation could include claims for pain and suffering, medical bills and other damages. This is a tragic situation that will likely result in extreme grief for the husband, as the couple was married for 57 years.

Source: My FOX Phoenix, “77-year-old woman bleeds to death after dog attack” No author given, Mar. 15, 2014