Upgrades could help airport reduce premises liability issues

Unfortunately, structures built in Florida and other parts of the country don’t last forever. These buildings require regular maintenance and sometimes they even require upgrades or need to be remodeled altogether. This is true even for airports. One particular airport is finally getting a much-needed facelift after 85 years of the same old fixtures.

A remodel of the Burbank Bob Hope Airport in California may be likely in the near future, but the idea is still under review. Even if construction does break ground in the next year or so, it could still be almost a decade before it is completed. The airport, which served just under four million passengers last year, is expected to be safer and provide an overall more enjoyable experience for customers.

A new building would increase in size by 150,000 square feet and could cost up to $400 million. It would provide many amenities, such as new restaurants, better security and more power outlets and restrooms. This would be a huge improvement over the current conditions, which includes inadequate lighting, deteriorating carpeting and lack of space — all which can cause premises liability issues.

Although the airport is considered safe, it has some code issues that could compromise its safety. It was built in 1930, and since then, seismic code and preferred distance between the terminal and the runway have changed. But will fixing all these issues bring in more business?

It’s good that the airport is recognizing that safety needs to be a bigger priority, but the improvements need to be done sooner rather than later. Outdated buildings can cause hazardous conditions. These conditions can cause serious accidents and injuries, which can make the airport liable for a lawsuit.

SourcePasadena Star-News, “Planned new terminal would give Burbank Bob Hope Airport a boost” Brian Sumers, Mar. 11, 2014