Man wins medical malpractice suit after amputation

When a Florida resident suffers sudden leg pain, he or she hopes that quick medical attention can help manage the pain. Most people don’t expect an amputation, but unfortunately, that was the fate of one man after he sought emergency treatment. The man filed a medical malpractice suit against the doctor and was awarded $5.6 million. However, due to a malpractice cap set in place, his final award was $1.8 million.

The 45-year-old Virginia man’s health issues started in February 2007, after he started experiencing pain and discoloration in his leg. He sought medical treatment at a local hospital’s emergency room and was treated and released.

However, his medical issues continued. He saw the doctor, who diagnosed the man as having blood flow issues. The man’s pain became so severe two days later that he saw a vascular surgeon. The man had a blood clot that could not be removed because it had hardened.

As a result, a part of the man’s foot had to be removed. The man also lives with damaged tissue and muscle below his knee.

The damages have caused the man lose $45,000 in wages and pay $342,000 in medical bills. The jury agreed that the doctor breached the standard of care. He should have referred the man to a vascular surgeon right away instead of waiting. Had he done so, the outcome may have been more positive.

Doctors make mistakes just like all other humans, but the doctor in this case was found negligent. Sudden leg pain is a serious issue that should not be delayed for weeks.

Those who suffer injury or illness because of a doctor’s negligence have a right to seek compensation for a variety of claims. An experienced Florida personal injury attorney can provide more information about pursuing such claims.

SourceThe News & Advance, “Jury finds for plaintiff in malpractice suit” No author given, Feb. 28, 2014