Woman awarded $1.2 million for slip and fall injury

A slip and fall accident can cause serious health conditions, as Florida residents may know first-hand. Even when people are careful, accidents can still happen. A puddle of water or an icy sidewalk can quickly turn into a dangerous situation. This is why businesses must act quickly when these types of hazardous conditions arise. A woman who fell at a hotel recently received more than $1 million for her slip and fall injury.

The 54-year-old woman from Dallas sued Courtyard Management Corp. and Marriott International Inc. for failure to maintain safe conditions for customers. She won $1.2 million for the injuries she suffered after the January 2010 incident at a Courtyard by Marriott hotel. She seriously injured her right ankle in the fall. Surgery was performed and she now limps when she walks. She also has arthritis in her ankle and is in so much pain that she had to change jobs.

The woman was found 2 percent at fault for the incident. She had fallen after slipping on an icy sidewalk. Witnesses agreed that the sidewalk was dangerous, with some having to avoid the sidewalk altogether and walk on the grass. In fact, when emergency responders arrived, they even had to use their own salt to alleviate the situation.

Hotels and other businesses have the duty to keep customers free from hazards. It wouldn’t have taken much for the hotel staff to improve the situation. They could have easily bought some salt and broken up the ice. Now the hotel must pay in excess of $1 million for its negligence.

SourceQuad-City Times, “Slip-and-fall verdict awards woman $1.2M” Brian Wellner, Feb. 24, 2014