Dump truck accident causes serious injury to drivers, children

The negligence of a female driver has caused not only serious injuries to herself and her two children, but to a dump truck driver as well. The woman ran a stop sign at a Florida intersection and got hit by a dump truck. The dump truck driver was in serious condition.

His exact injuries are unknown, but he was seen later that day with a neck brace. He was driving at about 50 mph on the afternoon of Feb. 27 when the SUV illegally entered the intersection. The dump truck driver hit the SUV carrying the woman and two children. The children looked to be about 2 and 8 years old, according to witnesses. The occupants of the SUV were bleeding profusely and rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

Although it is unfortunate to see anyone injured, the woman will likely be held responsible for the dump truck accident. She failed to yield the right of way to the dump truck and as a result, she put herself and her children in danger. Traffic laws are put in place to maintain order on the roadways. When one person breaks the law, it can affect others, causing a multi-vehicle crash.

The police investigation will likely show the woman negligent. If so, she could at the very least be cited for negligent driving and child endangerment. She could also be sued by the dump truck driver for causing his injuries. Since he was wearing a neck brace, he could be suffering from neck injuries such as whiplash. Compensation from a lawsuit could help pay for his medical expenses.

SourceWPBF, “Mom, 2 young kids in critical condition following crash with dump truck” No author given, Feb. 27, 2014