Settlement reached in premises liability claim against school

When Florida residents attend a sports game, they don’t expect that they or a family member will be injured. However, accidents do happen and for reason, people get hurt due to the property owner’s negligence. An infant suffered serious injuries after falling through a gap between bleachers at a soccer game at a middle school. The infant’s parents filed a premises liability claim against the school and reached a settlement in October 2013.

The incident happened when the infant – sitting on bleachers – fell through a gap measuring 7.5 inches. She fell 13 feet and landed on the concrete below, hitting her head.

A school district in Washington paid $6.9 million to the girl’s parents after the 2007 incident caused serious injuries and resulted in multiple surgeries. The girl now suffers lifelong injuries and the money will be used to pay for her medical care.

Although the school district does not feel it was at fault for the accident, it is possible that the bleachers were not up to code. A gap of more than seven inches is quite large. Many objects and small children could fall through this gap, causing serious injuries or even death. In fact, the girl is lucky to be alive after falling and landing on her head from such a height.

This means that the school is liable for allowing the dangerous property condition to exist. Property owners have a duty to keep premises safe and free of hazards. In this case, it should have been kept in mind that families with small children would be attending sports games.

SourceKOMO News, “Toppenish schools to pay $6.9M settlement for fall” No author given, Feb. 22, 2014