Man struck, killed while looking at his vehicle after car crash

A 58-year-old man is now dead after he was involved in not one, but two car accidents in Tamarac, 40 minutes outside Miami. Police are still trying to locate a driver involved in the first car accident.

The accidents occurred on the morning of Feb.16. The first one happened near the Turnpike. The man had collided with a Chevy Avalanche at an intersection. It is unknown which vehicle had the right of way.

The driver of the Avalanche left the accident scene, but the 58-year-old man got out and inspected the damage on his vehicle. While doing so, he was hit by a Dodge truck going through the intersection. The driver of the Dodge stayed at the accident scene. Firefighters arrived to assist the victim. He was taken to a local hospital, where he later died.

Police located the Avalanche, but the driver is unknown. It was found at a man’s residence, but he claims that it is not his. He believes it belongs to a friend of his son. Police currently have custody of the vehicle.

There are two negligent drivers in this case. The driver in the first accident is negligent for leaving the accident scene. The driver in the second accident is negligent for failing to see the man in the road. Intersections are dangerous places and extra care must be taken to avoid accidents.

Some may say that the victim was also negligent for standing out in the road after the accident. He should have pulled off to the side of the road, if possible. However, a man is dead due to negligence, and it is possible that his family could file a wrongful death suit against the liable parties.

Source: CBS Miami, “Driver Struck, Killed By Truck After Crash” Maggie Newland, Feb. 16, 2014