Parents file premises liability claim after son is killed

Businesses in Florida and other parts of the country have a responsibility to keep customers safe. This involves not only keeping areas free of hazards, but also providing security, especially if the business has a history of criminal activity. One popular Pennsylvania restaurant is being sued by a man’s family after the man was shot and killed there — despite the fact that the man even paid a security surcharge.

The man’s parents have filed a premises liability lawsuit against The Original Hot Dog Shop, claiming that the business’ negligence led to their son’s death on Aug. 3. 2013. The business, which once had two police officers providing security on Friday and Saturday nights, decided to do away with security altogether in 2012. This was despite the fact that the city recommended against it due to the amount of criminal activity in the area.

The incident started when a woman who had an argument with one of the man’s friends involved her group of friends. One of the woman’s friends pushed one of the man’s friends. The man assisted his friend, and he knocked down the woman’s friend. It was then that the woman’s friend fatally shot the man in the back. He staggered and fell to his death.

It’s clear that inadequate security may have had some role in the man’s death. Had there have been some sort of security in place that night, the fight may have probably been prevented. The property owner may be found negligent for going against the city’s recommendations and getting rid of security altogether. On top of that, the business was still charging for added security, even though none was present the night of the man’s death.

SourceCourthouse News Service, “The Unkindest Hot Dog Stand of All” Erin McAuley, Feb. 14, 2014