Man files premises liability claim after assault at stadium

Many Florida sports fans enjoy attending games and watching the action in person. Most events occur without incident. However, one man was severely injured after two people attacked him after a baseball game in Los Angeles in 2011. The man, who is now severely disabled, is filing a premises liability claim against the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, alleging that inadequate security caused the attack.

The 44-year-old man suffered a brain injury after he was kicked in the head by two Dodgers fans in the parking lot following the game on opening day in March 2011. He is claiming inadequate security and negligent hiring. However, the defense claims that there were 442 security team members on hand that day – 10 times the ratio of police officers to Los Angeles residents that same day.

The trial is scheduled for May 27. The man and his attorney were hoping for an earlier court date, considering that the man no longer has the financial means to pay for his medical care. His insurance no longer covers daily physical therapy. He is confined to a wheelchair and has the cognition of an adolescent. The defendant’s insurance will cover up to $300 million, which will likely be more than enough to pay for the man’s daily medical needs and pay for college tuition for his two children.

Business have an obligation to keep customers safe from hazardous conditions. However, the defendant in this case did not directly cause the assault and subsequent injuries to the man. Should he be held liable for the actions of other fans? The results of the trial will answer this question., “Stadium Assault Trial Against Former Dodgers Owner Scheduled for May” Michelle Mowad, Feb. 08, 2014