Man files premises liability lawsuit after slip-and-fall injury

Most Florida residents don’t think of a trip to the local grocery store as a scary experience. They get the things they need and then move on. However, one man was seriously injured while shopping at a Neighborly Store in Texas. He is now suing for the injuries he sustained during a slip-and-fall accident.

The accident happened in March 2012. The man was walking near a freezer when he slipped and fell on a clear liquid that apparently had come from the freezer. The man claims he was seriously injured in the fall.

He is suing the store’s parent company, Overseas Enterprises USA Inc., for its negligence. He claims the liquid caused a dangerous condition, and the store should be held liable for not responding to the condition in a timely manner. It was not cleaned up quickly enough nor were there any signs warning customers of the hazard.

The man is suing the store in order to receive compensation for his slip and fall injury. It is unknown exactly how much money he is seeking.

Many people don’t think much of a puddle of water on the ground. However, in a store or other type of business – where the floors can be slippery enough as it is – water makes the floor even more of a hazard. This can cause a customer to lose his or her footing and fall.

Businesses have an obligation to keep floors and other areas where customers frequent free of hazards. When they ignore these hazards, storeowners can be held liable for injuries such as broken bones, head trauma and bruises. These injuries may even require surgery and extensive rehabilitation.

SourceThe Southeast Texas Record, “Slip and fall at the Neighborly Store in Beaumont leads to lawsuit” Thomas Kallies, Feb. 03, 2014