Truck driver claims defective product crushed his hand

Many Florida residents have worked with tools and mechanical items that can suddenly stop working at a moment’s notice. This can be a frustrating situation as it is, but it can be even more challenging when a person is injured in the process. A truck driver claims that a liftgate on his truck was defective, causing his hand to become seriously injured.

The Pennsylvania man has filed a lawsuit against Ryder, Palfinger North America Group and Mike’s Heavy Duty Towing Inc., for injuries he suffered in the February 2012 incident. The man saw that the liftgate on his truck was not working. That was when he called Mike’s Heavy Duty Towing for assistance. The mechanic came out and asked the man to help. That was when the liftgate came down and struck his right shoulder and left hand.

The man claims he has suffered physical injuries such as a crushed hand, amputated finger, swelling, strains and nerve damage. He has suffered disfigurement, pain and suffering and limited mobility. The man has also undergone surgery and rehabilitation, according to the plaintiff’s claims.

According to the lawsuit, Ryder is being accused of negligence, breach of warranty, loss of consortium and strict liability for creating a defective product. The amount of compensation the man is seeking is unknown.

Defective products can cause serious physical and emotional damage, as seen in this case. However, the court will have to determine if Ryder was actually a negligent manufacturer or if the truck driver was misusing the product. If Ryder is at fault, the victim could stand to receive a large sum of money for medical expenses and other damages.

SourceThe Pennsylvania Record, “Pa. truck driver sues Ryder Fleet Products over crushed hand from liftgate” Jon Campisi, Jan. 30, 2014