Truck accident on I-75 causes severe road damage

A rash of semi-truck accidents along I-75 in Florida caused not only traffic delays for motorists but serious damage to the roads as well. Overpasses have been damaged by these large vehicles – twice in the past two weeks, to be exact. The Florida Department of Transportation is holding the truck drivers and companies liable for the damage and is now looking at current regulations to prevent these accidents from happening again.

The most recent incident occurred on the morning of Jan. 27 when a semi-truck swerved to avoid traffic. This caused the straps holding a 3-5 ton pile driver cushion to break. The equipment then fell off the truck and onto the roadway. The impact resulted in several large holes in the road. Concrete fell onto the roadway below.

The truck driver and trucking company were charged with negligence. The insurance company will have to pay for the repairs. The incident caused traffic to back up, with one car hitting another and flipping over. A woman inside was killed.

Although this truck accident resulted in no direct injuries, those involved could still be sued by the Florida Department of Transportation for their liability. The equipment on the truck was not held down securely enough. Had a car been next to the truck when the equipment fell off, it would have crushed the vehicle and seriously injured or even killed the occupants.

In addition, a truck of that size should not be suddenly swerving to avoid traffic. Truck drivers have the duty to pay attention to the road at all times. They can cause a serious accident by taking their eyes off the road for a few seconds. Rightfully, the truck driver will now be forced to pay for his actions.

SourceHerald-Tribune, “When truck straps snap” No author given, Jan. 30, 2014