Dangerous conditions force motel occupants to move

When Miami residents go on vacation, one of their biggest concerns is the quality of the hotel. How have other vacationers rated their experience? Is the staff friendly? Does it have a pool? Many are also concerned about the hotel’s conditions. Building inspectors recently had to close down not one, but two motels in the New York area due to potentially dangerous conditions.

The Blu-Bell Motel was recently searched and found uninhabitable, with about 80 percent of units in deplorable condition. A motel owned by the same person had to be shut down a few days earlier because of similar issues.

The motel was in violation of hundreds of codes, including electrical and plumbing issues. Occupants were forced to move to a hotel down the road. The motel was last inspected in September 2010 and failed the inspection due to violation of property maintenance and fire codes. The owner of the Blu-Bell Motel is expected to be fined by the town for its negligence.

Business owners are liable for the condition of their properties. They must constantly maintain the property’s condition, as negligent maintenance or repair can lead to more costly issues down the road, as seen in this case. It is better to regularly maintain the premises and handle repair issues as they occur.

It is unknown if any of the occupants suffered personal injury, but if so, they have the right to recover compensation through premises liability law. When a customer enters a place of business, he or she has the right to be free of injuries. The business owner also has a duty to keep property safe and free of hazards.

Source: Troy Record, “Colonie code inspectors deem Blu-Bell Motel uninhabitable” Lauren Halligan, Jan. 30, 2014