Couple sues landlord for slip and fall injury

Many Miami tenants have lived in apartments and homes with a known dangerous condition. The tenants may have informed the landlord of the situation but with no favorable results. This allegedly was the situation for a Wisconsin couple who notified their landlord about defective carpeting. However, nothing was done, and the wife tripped and fell down the stairs, causing serious injury.

The couple leased an apartment from their landlord. They notified the landlord that the carpet on the stairs was loose and defective, but he failed to repair the dangerous condition. The loose carpet caused the wife to fall down the apartment stairs on July 28. She required surgery for her slip and fall injury.

The couple filed a lawsuit against the landlord on Jan. 7. They are claiming loss of consortium and negligence. They are asking for compensation exceeding $50,000.

Being a landlord is not an easy job. Some people may get into the real estate business because they think it’s easy money. However, apartments can suffer wear and tear. For example, floor coverings requiring constant upkeep because they can represent a unique hazard to tenants and their guests.

It is unknown what injuries the woman suffered, but she might have suffered from broken bones or a head injury. These are common injuries after a fall. A fall can cause not only surgery but rehabilitation and therapy as well. These injuries can result in long-term medical expenses.

The landlord was negligent for not fixing the hazard, especially since he was informed of the situation ahead of time. He had sufficient time to repair the carpet, but he did nothing. Now, instead of paying for the carpet repair, he may have to pay for a variety of claims in civil court.

SourceThe Madison-St. Clair Record, “Belleville tenants sue landlord over trip on stairs” Jack Bianciotto, Jan. 21, 2014