Man files premises liability case against Target after injury

Many Florida residents enjoy shopping at their local Target store. One man, however, is no longer a fan after he was injured while shopping there. He suffered a slip-and fall-accident that has required extensive medical treatment.

The Louisiana man filed a premises liability lawsuit against the corporate retailer on Dec. 27 after the June 2013 incident left him seriously injured. The man claims that he slipped and fell after he stepped into a puddle on the floor. He said there was no warning of the hazard.

The man is suing Target Corporation for negligence. He is suing for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish and loss of current and future wages. It is unknown how much compensation he is seeking for his damages.

Businesses have a responsibility to provide customers with a safe shopping experience. A wet floor can cause serious injuries. It is unknown what injuries the man suffered, but a slip-and-fall accident can cause broken bones, head trauma and bruises. These injuries can require surgery, rehabilitation and long-term medical care – all of which can be expensive. In addition, the non-economic damages can be substantial as well.

A lawsuit can help an accident victim recover compensation to pay for these unexpected expenses, as well as loss of wages. Slip-and-fall injuries can require a significant amount of time away from work in order to receive treatment. They can also cause disability, which can affect a person’s future career and wage earnings. A verdict in the victim’s favor may help to pay for these expenses.

SourceThe Louisiana Record, “Target sued by man claiming he was seriously injured after slipping and falling in water puddle” Kyle Barnett, Jan. 15, 2014