Woman sues gas station for slip and fall injury

A slip and fall accident can happen to any Florida resident at any time. Even the simple act of pumping gas can lead to a serious injury. A woman who was walking to the gas pump at a Speedway gas station slipped and fell after stepping in a sticky black substance. She suffered numerous injuries as a result and is now filing a premises liability suit against the gas station chain.

The slip and fall injury happened in June 2012 at a Speedway in West Virginia. The woman fell onto the pavement after her foot got caught in the substance, which resembled tar. An employee who saw the accident apologized, claiming that she was going to clean up the mess earlier. A witness who helped the woman fill out the accident report had overheard several employees discussing who was going to clean up the parking lot.

The lawsuit, filed on Nov. 12, claims that the gas station was negligent in maintaining and inspecting the area. As a direct result, the lack of maintenance caused the woman’s injuries. She continually suffers from leg and face pain, as well as headaches.

The woman is seeking compensation for medical bills, which exceed $12,000, as well as punitive damages. Altogether, she is asking for more than $75,000.

A slip and fall accident can cause serious injury. It appears that the employees knew about the situation but failed to do anything about it. Instead of promptly cleaning up the mess, the employees argued over who would clean it up, causing a customer to fall and injure herself in the process.

If you have been injured in a similar incident, it’s best to understand your rights. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide valuable advice and guidance as you decide whether or not to pursue compensation for economic and non-economic damages associated with your injuries.

SourceThe West Virginia Record, “Speedway removes slip-and-fall case, says more than $75K at stake” John O’Brien, Jan. 02, 2014