Woman who caused fatal accident was drunk, high on pot

A 20-year-old woman who killed two best friends in South Florida in November is still walking free even though new reports show her blood alcohol content was almost twice the legal limit. Not only that, but she had marijuana in her system at the time of the crash and has caused outrage over her tweet “2 drunk 2 care,” which she sent right before the fatal accident.

The two 21-year-old women – best friends since high school – died of their injuries when the 20-year-old hit them head-on after she was partying with co-workers and drinking alcohol at a restaurant. The woman who caused the fatal accident – known as the “Pothead Princess” because of her love of smoking marijuana – suffered a brain injury and broken bones from the accident.

Even though the woman’s actions caused the women’s deaths, she has not been charged with any crime as of yet. However, Florida police are still investigating and say that charges of vehicular manslaughter and DUI manslaughter are likely.

The loss of a loved one can be difficult for friends and family members to bear, especially in this case. The two victims were so young and had so much life ahead of them. The grieving families of the two victims may wish to seek closure through a wrongful death claim.

The woman was not even legally allowed to drink, so someone should be held responsible for offering her alcohol. The woman should pay for her negligence and be forced to pay damages – such as funeral expenses and emotional damages – to the two families.

SourceNew York Daily News, “Florida woman who tweeted ‘2 drunk 2 care’ before fatal crash that killed 2 had BAC of .15, pot in system: report” Philip Caulfield, Jan. 08, 2014