Florida woman suffers serious injury from dog bites

Dog bites can cause serious physical damage to anyone. The elderly are especially vulnerable. A recent attack in Titusville – several hours outside Miami – left a 72-year-old woman with serious injuries.

The attack occurred on the evening of Dec. 17 as the woman was checking her mail. Her neighbor’s three dogs had gotten out of the yard, and they went toward her. They attacked her buttocks, shin, hands and thighs.

The woman, who is deaf, had an operator call her friend, who quickly came to her aid. The friend arrived at the woman’s home to find a puddle of blood, and the woman was in the shower trying to wash off the blood from the dog bites.

The victim needed stitches, but otherwise is doing well. Her friend is caring for her and said she is resting. The neighbor has been cited and fined. The dogs were taken into custody by Animal Services. Their fate is yet to be determined.

Florida has strict laws regarding dog bites. The owner is always held 100 percent liable for any dog bite unless the dog was provoked by the victim. This is true even if the dog had never bit anyone before.

The woman is fortunate that she is recovering nicely from the attack. Many people have died from dog bites. She may wish to seek compensation for the medical expenses she incurred due to the attack, as well as her pain and suffering another damages. Dog owners should take precautions to keep dangerous dogs away from others. The dogs may be put down as a result of the attack.

Source: My Fox Orlando, “Titusville dog bite victim released from hospital and recovering from attack” Tiffany Teasley, Dec. 25, 2013