Florida doctor investigated for possible medical malpractice

Most cases of medical malpractice occur when a qualified doctor fails to diagnose a medical condition or is negligent in the care of a patient. But there are times when a person poses as a licensed doctor and actually has no license at all. This was the case for a man in Kissimmee – several hours outside Miami – who was performing liposuction procedures on Florida patients without a license.

The state health department starting receiving complaints a year ago, and investigators stepped in to assess the situation. The man was a surgical assistant, but he was performing liposuction on patients and some were concerned.

A medical malpractice investigator made a visit to Sculptural Orlando – the clinic where the man worked – and pretended he was the boyfriend of a potential customer. The man was in the lobby and approached the investigator. He told the man he was a doctor who performed liposuction.

As the investigation was taking place, a woman came in and told the man how happy she was about her procedure and mentioned how well she was recovering. Other investigators came in and took a look around the clinic. The man approached them as well and showed them before and after photos of the liposuction procedures he allegedly performed.

The investigation revealed that the clinic was actually a massage parlor. Agents later raided the facility and arrested the man for posing as a doctor without a license.

Because the man was not trained as a doctor, he could have inflicted serious personal injury on his patients or even caused their deaths. Liposuction is a not a minor procedure, and even experienced doctors can make mistakes during this invasive surgery.

SourceOrlando Sentinel, “Man accused of performing illegal liposuctions” Amy Pavuk, Dec. 19, 2013