Many temp employees work in dangerous conditions

In this economy, many Miami residents would be happy to take any job offered to them. That’s why many people sign up with temp agencies. They get a chance to work with a company for a few months or even a year or more. However, dreams are quickly dashed when these employees suffer serious personal injury or while on the job. In far too many cases, an employee can lose his or her life.

Temporary employment is most common in dangerous industries, such as manufacturing and construction. In the United States, 2.8 million people work in temporary positions, and this number has been growing rapidly since 2008. Although this seems like a boom for the economy, temporary employment comes with a huge risk.

Temps are much more likely to suffer injuries on the job than permanent employees. In Florida, the risk is 50 percent higher for temps. Florida temps who work in manufacturing jobs are six times more likely to suffer injury than employees who are not temporary workers. The risk of severe injury – such as dislocations, fractures and crushing injuries – is two times higher for Florida temps than permanent employees. In addition, the risk of amputation is three times higher for Florida temps than non-temporary workers.

Why are temp workers subject to such a high risk of injury? They are poorly trained. The workers are regulated by the temp agency, not the company for which they work. The companies don’t have the time and resources to train the employees, so they work in dangerous conditions – with no training or knowledge of their job whatsoever.

Many workers have died on their first day of their job. This is an unfortunate situation for the families of the victims. Fortunately, there are legal remedies available so that surviving family members can receive compensation for any damages.

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