Couple files premises liability suit after fall at Taco Bell

Many Floridians enjoy frequenting fast-food restaurants because they are a cost-effective way to get food quickly while on the go. However, one woman got more than she bargained for after allegedly slipping and falling at a Taco Bell in West Virginia.

The woman visited the Taco Bell on Feb. 26. While she was there, she went to use the restroom and slipped after stepping in water found on the floor. Although the extent of her injuries is unknown, they are considered to be serious.

The woman and her husband filed a premises liability lawsuit against Taco Bell of America LLC on Dec. 9. The lawsuit claims that the fast-food restaurant failed to inspect and maintain the premises. In addition, the lawsuit claims that the restaurant did not warn customers of any dangers. The couple is seeking punitive damages, as well as loss of consortium. The total amount of compensation they are seeking has not been disclosed.

Although restaurants can be busy places, the owners, managers and employees still have a responsibility to keep the premises clean and free of any dangers that can harm customers or employees. However, with so many customers that use restaurant restrooms, is it really possible for employees to inspect restrooms after every use to ensure that there are no hazards? It doesn’t matter how many customers are in a business, the business still has a right to keep the premises safe.

In this case, the injured woman is within her rights to file a lawsuit and seek compensation. It’s doubtful that she will receive punitive damages, though, since these are reserved for extreme cases. It is unlikely that the restaurant was malicious in its failure to maintain the restroom.

SourceThe West Virginia Record, “Slip-and-fall filed against Taco Bell in Putnam Co.” Whitney Brakken, Dec. 17, 2013