Police officer injured in Florida motorcycle accident

We have traffic laws in place to keep the peace on roadways and prevent accidents from occurring. When motorists fail to follow these laws, they can cause injuries to not only themselves but others as well. Recently, a man turned left in front of a Florida police officer on a motorcycle, causing the officer serious injuries.

The motorcycle accident occurred on Dec. 4 in Sanford, several hours outside Miami. The police officer, a 38-year-old woman, was making a traffic stop around 29th Street when she was hit by a 20-year-old man who was driving in the other direction. He turned in front of her, which caused an accident. The police officer suffered serious, but not life-threatening, injuries. She was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center via helicopter.

The man suffered no injuries in the accident. Florida Highway Patrol did issue him a ticket for his right-of-way violation.

It is unknown what type of vehicle the man was driving, but any time a vehicle hits a motorcycle, the end result is almost always serious. Motorcycles are not well-equipped to protect riders in the event of an accident.

The man was negligent for not giving the police officer the right of way. Although he did get a citation, that may not be the extent of his punishment. He is liable for the accident and may be facing a lawsuit as well. The police officer does have the legal right to pursue a personal injury case against the man.

A lawsuit can help victims recover compensation for expenses related to an accident caused by another party. Due to the severity of her injuries, the police officer will likely face a long recovery, but compensation received from a lawsuit can help pay for both economic and non-economic losses, including those for pain and suffering, disability or emotional trauma.

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