Woman files claim after defective products cause burns

Florida residents expect that the products that they buy will work as intended and not cause any harm to themselves or their homes. However, sometimes manufacturers market products that fail to operate properly. These defective products cause accidents and injuries. One woman suffered serious burns after a heating pad she was using caught fire.

In March 2011, the Pennsylvania woman slept on the heating pad and claims she awoke to flames near her backside. The heating pad had become so hot that it burned the bed’s comforters and mattress. The woman also suffered burns on her hands and back. The burns have resulted in scarring.

The woman filed the lawsuit against Jarden Consumer Solutions, the manufacturer of the Sunbeam heating pad. The claim, which was recently moved to federal court, claims that the heating pad’s automatic shutoff feature did not work as intended. The claim accuses the manufacturer of designing and selling a product with a defective automatic shutoff feature. The woman also claims the manufacturer was negligent by not issuing a recall due to the dangerous product. The lawsuit also includes claims of breach of warranty and strict liability.

The woman is asking for more than $50,000 in damages. She continues to deal with her injuries on a daily basis, and they are expected to be permanent.

When a company manufactures a product, it has a duty to thoroughly research and test the product to ensure it meets safety standards. One small glitch can cause a product to operate in a defective manner, causing a serious accident.

When a consumer is harmed by a defective product, he or she has legal rights. A product liability claim can hold the manufacturer liable and help the injured consumer recover financial recovery for damages. These damages may include medical bills, disfigurement and scaring, all which apply in this case.

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