Dog bite injures toddler’s cheek

Miami residents love their dogs. Most know their dog’s limitations and do their best to keep them away from children and other stressful situations if they know the dog is likely to attack. One dog owner tried to be responsible, but a woman insisted that the dog play with her toddler, causing a serious dog bite to the child’s face.

The attack occurred on the evening of Nov. 19 in Tennessee. The owner of the dog was babysitting the 2-year-old girl when kept her dog in a room, away from a toddler. However, when the toddler’s mother came to pick her up, she insisted that dog and child play together. The babysitter warned her that the dog was not friendly toward children. The child’s mother ignored her and let the dog out of the room.

The dog attacked the little girl, leaving a huge bite wound on her cheek. She was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for her injuries. They appear to be non-life-threatening, and she is expected to survive.

Animal Control currently has possession of the dog, which was not current on its shots. The babysitter has surrendered ownership, as she no longer wants the dog. The incident is currently under investigation. It is possible that both women could be cited for their role in the attack.

Both women could be held liable, but is either more responsible for the attack than the other? The babysitter should not have had a potentially vicious dog in the vicinity of the child. The mother should not have ignored the babysitter’s pleas to keep the dog locked in the room. Most responsible parents would not let their child near a dog if there was a chance it could hurt the child.

Dog bites are common because children and dogs don’t always mix. Even the sweetest dog can become aggression at a moment’s notice and cause serious injury. It is up to parents and dog owners to be responsible.

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