Seaman files premises liability claim against employer

Many Florida residents have set foot upon a boat or ship and know that they can be dangerous places to be in as a passenger, let alone as a worker. The rocking of the vessel as it travels across the water is sometimes enough to make a person go off balance and fall. In addition, water can enter the boat, causing slippery floors. One Texas man is suing his employer after he injured his back while working on a vessel.

The accident occurred Oct. 16 while the man was working on a dredge vessel for RLB Contracting. The boat collided with the dredge, causing it to shift. The man was working in the engine room when the accident occurred. He claims the floor was slippery due to oil slicks and there was no grating, making the floor difficult to walk on. He also says there was inadequate lighting, so he could not see well. The man ended up slipping and falling, causing injury to his lower back.

The man filed a premises liability lawsuit on Nov. 18 against RLB Contracting. He claims that the company would not pay him maintenance and cure — a type of workers’ compensation benefits for injured seamen — and that he was forced to continue working even though doctors told him not to go beyond certain restrictions. He also alleges that the vessel was unseaworthy.

The man is seeking various damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, court costs, pain and suffering, disfigurement and impairment. He is suing for $2.5 million total.

It is unfortunate when a slip and fall incident occurs in any situation, whether it be at a place of employment, in a person’s home or at a place of businesses. Falls can cause serious injuries and lifelong medical expenses. Fortunately, if the injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence, then a lawsuit can be filed and damages can be claimed.

SourceThe Southeast Texas Record, “Seaman seeks $2.5M for slip and fall” David Yates, Nov. 21, 2013