Woman files premises liability suit after falling at restaurant

When Miami residents go out and enjoy a meal at a local restaurant, they don’t expect to suffer injuries. However, that was the case for a Texas woman who slipped and fell while walking on a restaurant floor.

The incident occurred in Nov. 2011 while the woman was patronizing Sudie’s Catfish-Seafood House. She was walking by the cash register when she slipped and fell. At that time, the manager approached the woman with a sign and apologized, stating that the floor has just been waxed.

The woman did not see the sign in time and suffered injuries as a result. She has filed a premises liability lawsuit against the eatery. The extent of the woman’s injuries is unknown. She is suing for various damages, including medical bills, impairment, pain and suffering and mental anguish. The amount of compensation she is seeking is unknown.

Allowing customers to walk on a freshly waxed floor can be a dangerous property condition. Even the smallest amount of wax can cause a fall. Falls can cause serious bodily damage, including broken bones, fractures, bruises, facial injuries and even head trauma. These injuries can cause lifelong medical issues and ongoing expenses, especially if head injuries are involved.

Even though the manager did eventually come out with a sign, it was too little, too late. There should have been signs warning customers while the floor was being waxed, not afterward. The woman may be able to receive compensation to pay for the effects of the slip and fall. The total amount of the compensation would depend on the extent of her injuries. Those who are injured on the premises of a store, restaurant or any business have the same legal right. They can also seek recovery for their injuries.

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