Car accident kills girl, injures grandmother

For a 16-year-old, driving can be a fun but challenging skill. There are many things to be aware of on Miami roadways. Not only are there other vehicles, but pedestrians as well. Sometimes new drivers fail to look for pedestrians and this can cause serious accidents – even fatalities. Sadly, a 6-year-old girl and her grandmother were victims of a recent car-pedestrian accident in Miami-Dade County. The girl died and her grandmother is still fighting for her life.

The tragic accident occurred on the morning of Nov. 6 as the grandmother was walking the girl to school. The two had just crossed a street – although not in a marked crosswalk – when a 16-year-old driver hit them both. Witnesses heard the crash and rushed outside to see both victims covered in blood and unable to talk. The young girl did not survive the accident. The grandmother is recovering from a broken arm and ankle and faces surgery.

The driver did have a valid driver’s license and has been released to her parents. The teen faces no criminal charges at this time, although the mother of the girl plans to legally pursue the case.

Unfortunately, car accidents are common in the area as teens speed to school and parents rush to get their own kids to school in the mornings. Even though the speed limit in a school zone is only 15 mph, drivers tend to go much faster.

It is important to know that not all pedestrian accidents are caused by the driver. Pedestrians must not cross the street unless it is safe to do so. Because the grandmother was not in a crosswalk at the time of the accident, she may face some liability for the accident. However, if speed was a factor, then the driver will likely face most of the liability.

In any case, the driver’s negligence caused a young girl to die. The mother can pursue her legal rights and file a wrongful death claim. However, because the driver was a minor, this could affect the outcome of the case.

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