Woman files claim after suffering slip and fall injury at store

When Florida residents make a trip to their local grocery store, they expect to find the items they need and exit the store safely. However, because stores carry so many items that are liquid in nature, spills are a common occurrence. When not cleaned up in a timely manner, they can cause customers to slip and fall. These types of falls can cause serious injuries. A woman In Texas recently filed a claim against Kroger after suffering a slip and fall injury at the popular grocery store.

The woman was shopping in at the store in Galveston in June when she slipped on spilled lotion. She claims there were no signs or barriers present to warn her of the hazardous condition. She is accusing the store of failing to maintain the property in a reasonably safe manner and failing to clean up the slippery floor.

The lawsuit was filed on Nov. 8 in Galveston County District Court. The extent of the woman’s injuries is unknown, but she is seeking more than $1 million in damages.

In a large grocery store such as Kroger, these types of conditions happen regularly. Items can fall off shelves or customers may accidentally drop them, causing the contents to spill onto the floor. Employees can only do so much to clean up these spills promptly, and this can be difficult if the store is very busy.

Nonetheless, if the woman was injured due to the fall, then she is within her right to file a lawsuit and seek damages. The amount she may receive will depend on the extent of her injuries, as well as any lost wages and medical bills. Emotional damages, such as pain and suffering, may be included as well. Once the case goes to court, the judge and jury will decide if $1 million is a reasonable amount based on the circumstances.

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