Young man hit by car, killed in motorcycle accidents

In a motorcycle-car accident, the result is often serious injuries or fatality for the motorcyclist. This was the case in a recent accident in Braderton, several hours outside Miami. The car and motorcycle collided, killing the motorcycle rider, a 21-year-old man.

The accident occurred on the morning of Oct. 25. The motorcyclist was traveling west on Cortez Road when an 89-year-old man driving a Mercedes was coming in the other direction and turned left in front of him.

The motorcyclist could not stop in time. He struck the car and landed in the intersection. Despite wearing a helmet, the man died at the accident scene. Although the driver does not face any charges at this time, the investigation is still ongoing.

It appears the motorcyclist had the right of way. Although motorcycles can be difficult to see, drivers need to be wary and not try to rush through an intersection. The driver’s age may have something to do with the accident as well. At 89 years old, the man likely does not have the ability to drive as well as he used to. He may have vision issues or suffered from lessened reaction times or a lack of judgment,, as many people do as they age.

The motorcyclist’s family has a right to seek compensation against the at-fault driver. If the driver of the Mercedes has had other vehicular offenses against him, the family of the victim may want to consider filing a suit against the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles for allowing the man to drive. Although there is no upper age limit for drivers, perhaps older drivers should be tested more frequently in order to prevent future motorcycle accidents and keep the roads safer for everyone.

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