Man wins premises liability case after injured in hospital fall

As many Florida residents know, hospitals are supposed to make a person feel better, not worse. However, a patient at a Philadelphia hospital suffered serious ankle and spinal injuries after falling on the hospital’s premises. The man filed a premises liability claim and recently received a six-figure settlement.

The man was walking the grounds of Temple University Hospital in April 2011 when he fell due to a defective concrete walkway. He suffered numerous injuries, including a large herniated disc that a medical expert said requires surgery and could lead to paralysis if not treated immediately. The herniated disc impinges on the man’s spinal cord.

The man filed a civil suit in May 2012. The case recently went to court, and the defendants argued that the man’s herniated disc was part of a pre-existing condition. As such, they contended, they were not responsible for the damaged sidewalk. At the end of the four-day trial, which lasted from Oct. 7 to Oct. 10, the jury sided with the man and awarded him more than $350,000 in damages.

Falls can cause serious injuries. Many people have broken limbs and suffered head trauma due to falls. The severity of the man’s injuries in this case is not uncommon. Sidewalks and other commonly-used walkways need to be properly and regularly maintained by businesses and other property owners. The hospital is not exempt from this duty.

Those injured in a fall caused by someone else’s negligence may face financial difficulties due to the many expenses involved in order to obtain appropriate medical care. Victims may be able to seek compensation, just like the man did in this case. Compensation may include financial recovery for current and future medical bills, surgeries, procedures, treatments, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

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