Boy loses part of his nose after dog bite

Many Florida dog owners know that children are naturally curious about dogs. Although curiosity is generally a good trait to have, it can lead to injuries. One boy recently got part of his nose bitten off after he was allegedly putting his under the fence.

The dog bite happened on the evening of Oct. 26 in Glen Burnie, about 20 minutes outside Baltimore, Maryland. Police responded to the attack and found that the 3-year-old boy had been bitten by the neighbor’s dog, a terrier/Lab mix. The dog was in its own yard.

The boy’s parents took him to Baltimore Washington Medical Center for medical treatment. Emergency crews found the missing part of the boy’s nose at his home and transported him to Johns Hopkins Pediatric Trauma Center in an attempt to fix his severed nose.

The owners surrendered the dog to Animal Control. Officers are still investigating the cause of the incident.

Children need to be taught early on to stay away from other dogs. Not all dogs are nice and even those that typically are nice can be mean and feel compelled to attack when antagonized. In this case, the dog was still able to attack the child even though they were in separate yards.

It is unknown if the dog has a history of attacking humans. Even if it did, the owner was doing his or her job by keeping the dog contained in his own yard. Should the dog owner still be held liable for the boy’s injuries, medical treatment and other damages in this case?

It is always important for victims to preserve their rights. The boy’s family may be facing enormous medical bills if no legal action is taken. Whether or not this type of situation warrants financial compensation will depend on what a judge and jury decide is appropriate.

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