Toppled crane leads to construction accident, death

Construction accidents are common in Florida and other states throughout the nation. In fact, the construction industry is known for high levels of workplace accidents. A recent construction accident occurred in Minnesota after a crane toppled, killing a worker.

The accident occurred at around noon on Oct. 21. Construction crews were building an addition onto a church in Maplewood, Minnesota, when a crane toppled. A 34-year-old worker was operating the crane wen it tipped onto its side. The man was trapped inside as the crane sank into the soft soil.

His fellow co-workers attempted to dig him out of the dirt before emergency crews arrived. Once he was freed, the man was taken to a hospital in St. Paul, where he later died. Nobody else was injured in the accident.

The crane was moving a beam when it fell over. The boom hit a fence and extended into a nearby yard. It is believed that soil conditions contributed to the accident. The crane had stabilizers set, but they may have sunk into the soil.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is reviewing the details of the accident to determine what could have caused it. Truck Crane Service, which owns the crane, has been accident-free for more than five years.

Construction accidents can be caused by a variety of factors. There is always a risk when operating heavy equipment. It must always be used by a skilled operator. OSHA is investigating the accident to determine liability. Should the company be held liable or is the accident simply operator error? If the ground was so unstable, then perhaps a supervisor should have noticed this and postponed the crane operation for another day.

Those injured or killed in construction accidents should preserve their legal rights. In this case, the man’s family is likely saddled with medical and funeral expenses, as well as lost wages caused by his death. They may wish to file a lawsuit to recover much-needed financial compensation for various damages., “Operator killed as crane topples at Maplewood construction site” Sarah Horner, Oct. 21, 2013