Car accident cause injuries to driver, sunbather

When a person makes the decision to sunbathe in their backyard, they wouldn’t think about the possibility of getting hit by a car. However, one crazy car accident in Plantation, Florida, critically injured a sunbather after her neighbor was driving her car and allegedly overcompensated for a bad turn. The female motorist drove through three yards before striking the sunbather and stopping at her own home.

The driver, a woman in her 60s, was speeding along Southwest 21st Street when she attempted to compensate for a mis-negotiated turn. The misstep caused her to crash through three yards, knocking down fences in the process. The woman was able to drive around three pools before finally coming to a rest next to her own pool.

The woman did, however, hit a sunbather – her next-door neighbor – along the way. The sunbather, a woman in her late 20s, was seriously injured and transported to Broward Health Medical Center for medical treatment. The woman’s health has now been downgraded to critical condition. The driver suffered minor injuries and is also seeking treatment at Broward Health Medical Center.

This was apparently not the first accident for the woman, a nurse. She has caused accidents on her block previously. One time she hit a neighbor’s mailbox and knocked over a large tree.

It is unknown if the woman will face charges for the accident. In addition, she has had previous accidents, making her a probable risk to other motorists and pedestrians. The sunbather suffered serious injuries that may require long-term treatment. The victim has the right to file a civil suit and recover compensation for damages caused by the woman’s negligence.

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