Woman sues for slip and fall injury in Catholic school kitchen

Many Florida residents have slipped, tripped or fallen due to an uneven surface on a floor. This type of accident can cause serious injuries. One woman injured her arm and knee after an indentation in the floor of a high school kitchen caused her to trip.

The woman suffered the slip and fall injury in October 2011 while employed by Aramark, a food services company. She was working in the kitchen of the Catholic school Archdiocese of Philadelphia when she was forced to walk over a depression in the kitchen’s floor. The depression was caused when a dishwasher was removed but the drain was left intact. The drain was at least an inch lower than the floor.

After tripping on this irregularity in the floor, the woman suffered a fracture to her left arm and injured her right knee, the latter of which required. The woman had to pay for medical treatment for the injuries. She also suffered a loss of wages due to her inability to work.

The woman is suing the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for the defective condition. She is accusing the school of negligence for failing to repair the flooring, failing to warn others of the condition and allowing the dangerous condition to occur on the premises. The woman’s husband is also suing the school for loss of consortium. Together they are seeking more than $50,000.

An employee has the right to work in a safe environment. It is not responsible for an employer to force an employee to walk into a dangerous condition such as drain area, especially in a busy kitchen. Ideally, the condition should have been fixed at the time the dishwasher was removed.

Those injured on the job can typically receive workers’ compensation benefits. If they are unavailable, then the employee can attempt to seek damages from the employer in a personal injury lawsuit.

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