Viking Cruises has 4 cruise ship accidents in 1 month

Florida cruise ship enthusiasts are likely not concerned about accidents while at sea. With so much open space in the ocean, what are the chances of being involved in an accident? Viking Cruises seems to have a better chance than other cruises lines in the last month. Viking ships have been involved in four accidents since September. Although these cruise ship accidents have been minor and have not resulted in any injuries, they surely raise concerns about safety.

Viking Forseti was involved in three accidents during the month of September. In one accident, it rear-ended another ship. It also was hit by another ship. In another incident, it damaged an overhead power line. No injuries were reported in any of these crashes.

The most recent accident, on Oct. 1, involved the Viking Sun, a river boat. It was traveling on the Rhine when it struck a metal pier at a docking station. The accident caused a 10-foot tear in the hull of the ship. No passengers were injured. They were given the option to return home or stay on board and finish the trip. Those who returned home received a refund, while those who stayed received a credit toward a future trip.

The Viking Sun is currently out of service while it is being reviewed. The accident is under investigation.

Cruise ship accidents are not common, but when they do happen, they tend to garner everyone’s attention. Although Viking claims the accidents are merely a coincidence, it seems as though there could be several issues, such as unskilled operators or defective equipment. No one suffered injuries, but being involved in a cruise ship accident is never in any vacationer’s plans.

Even though Viking Cruises operates in Europe, there are many cruise ship mishaps and accidents that occur in the waters surrounding the U.S. There is a unique set of laws that pertain to how a person may purse compensation in civil court for injuries and other damage while on a cruise ship.

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