Reckless driving causes construction accident

When many Florida residents think of construction accidents, they may imagine workers falling off roofs, power tool incidents or someone getting hit by a tractor. However, a construction worker was recently injured by a different type of accident — when a woman struck him while driving in a construction zone.

The incident happened on the morning of Oct. 2. The 64-year-old Nebraska man was working as a flagger for the Nebraska Department of Road when a 79-year-old woman from Eagle, Nebraska, entered the construction zone on Highway 34 near 190th Street. The man was directing traffic when the woman struck him with her Acura. He suffered serious injuries and was taken to BryanLGH West Medical Center in Lincoln.

But the accident didn’t end there. The woman continued on and proceeded to hit a pneumatic steam roller. The 48-year-old man driving the roller suffered no injuries. The woman declined medical treatment as well.

The woman claimed that she did not see the man directing traffic. She was charged with reckless driving and was issued a citation by Cass County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

It is important for drivers to minimize distractions while in a construction zone. Although having to slow down or wait for tractors can be frustrating for many drivers, roads must be regularly maintained so they can remain safe for driving. If the woman was driving at a reasonable speed, she should have been able to see the flagger and avoid this construction accident.

The woman’s negligence caused the man to suffer serious injuries. Does he have a personal injury case against her? It’s possible, but he should consult with a legal professional to determine if he has a worthwhile case. He may at least want to try to recover compensation for medical bills, which have probably exceeded thousands of dollars by now.

Source: The Journal, “Construction worker hurt in Cass County car accident” Brent Hardin, Oct. 03, 2013