Truck accident leaves 4 injured; 3 are airlifted

There’s the saying that speed kills. Although it didn’t kill anyone in this particular incident, it did injure several people. An accident on SR 528 in Brevard County, Florida, left four people trapped in a car after the driver failed to slow down in time and hit a box truck.

The truck accident occurred in the early morning hours on Sept. 21. A 24-year-old man was traveling eastbound on SR 528 behind the box truck. The man was driving too fast and ended up rear-ending the truck. The car, a Honda Accord, got stuck under the box truck and was dragged until the truck finally stopped.

The car had three passengers, ages 20, 21 and 22. The driver and two passengers suffered serious injuries and were airlifted to Holmes Regional Medical Center for medical treatment. The other passenger was treated for minor injuries at Wuesthoff Hospital. It is unknown if the driver of the box truck, a 54-year-old man, suffered any injuries. Traffic was diverted to US 1 as police investigated the accident scene.

Except in rare circumstances, the driver that rear-ends the other vehicle is usually the one at fault. The Florida Highway Patrol claims that the man was speeding, so he likely broke laws that led to the accident. It is important to not follow too closely to other vehicles, particularly large trucks, which are harder to maneuver. There should be sufficient distance between vehicles should one need to suddenly stop.

Will the driver of the Accord be forced to pay for the injuries he caused to his car’s occupants? If the box truck driver received no injuries, should he at least be compensated for vehicle damage caused by the other driver? These are questions that the victims in this accident may wish to discuss with an accident lawyer.

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