Customer suffers slip and fall injury at Family Dollar store

Florida residents expect to run errands and shop in safety. However, a dollar store customer got more than she bargained for after slipping and failing while on a shopping trip. The New Orleans woman is suing The Family Dollar Stores of LA Inc. after slipping on a puddle of liquid inside the store.

The incident occurred in August 2012 when the woman was entering the store one evening. As she walked in, she fell in a puddle containing a clear liquid. The woman allegedly injured her hips as well as the left part of her body, including her foot, leg and knee. She claims the store is at fault for permitting customers to conduct business while dangerous conditions are present.

The woman is accusing the store of breach of duty for not keeping the premises safe, clean and free of hazards. The lawsuit was filed on July 11 in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court. The woman is seeking an unknown amount of compensation for damages, including pain and suffering, medical expenses and other damages, including court costs.

Although business owners have a duty to keep a store reasonably safe and free of defects, is every slip and fall injurythe fault of the business owner? Running a successful business requires so many different aspects. Must someone be watching out for possible hazards at all times? Or do customers have a duty to watch out for their own safety as well? Did the business owner or employees know about the potential hazard but fail to warn customers? These are all questions that will likely be brought up in court.

Those who have been injured on public property may be unsure of their legal rights. That’s why it may be a good idea to contact a legal professional and see what type of compensation you may be eligible to receive. The amount will depend on the extent of the injuries and who the court deems is at fault.

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