Truck accident involves three vehicles; no injuries reported

Accidents involving semi-trucks hardly ever result in a favorable outcome. Semi trucks are many times larger than passenger vehicles, often leading to serious injuries or fatalities in an accident. Miraculously, a three-truck accident in Cocoa, Florida, on Sept. 6 resulted in no injuries.

The truck accident occurred on 1-95 near mile marker 204. A semi-truck car carrier was parked in emergency lane to fix a flat tire. The car carrier was traveling with a pickup truck, which was parked in front of the carrier. Another semi came along and hit the parked semi on the left side of the truck. The impact caused debris to hit the pickup truck and it caught fire. The semi continued driving along the shoulder, hitting a shrub and several trees. That truck also caught fire.

The fires destroyed both the semi and the pickup truck. The crash closed down all southbound 1-95 lanes except for the far left lane. The Brevard County Fire Rescue, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Highway Patrol all responded to the accident. Nobody suffered injuries from the crash.

Those involved in the accident are very fortunate to not suffer any injuries. More, information is needed to determine why the accident occurred. Why was the semi truck travelling in the emergency lane? Even if he did have to enter the lane, why did the driver hit the car carrier and keep on going? It appears that he would be the one liable for the accident.

Despite there being no injuries involved, the liable party may still be required to pay for the vehicle damage. Trucking accidents are complex because there can be multiple parties involved, including the truck driver, trucking company and even the manufacturer of the truck’s parts, if any of them malfunctioned or were defective. With so many aspects involved, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney is needed in order to successfully litigate a truck accident case.

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